We're back, and as I sit down to write this I realize I didn't take any pictures.  Sigh.  Utah was lovely and Beck had a WONDERFUL time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  He learned everyone's names, we had a blast seeing old friends and family and getting the chance to sneak out at night while Beck was asleep because there was Grandma and Pop-pop to watch him!  The last day we were there I did what I've been thinking/talking/dreaming about.  I got my hair chopped off.  Now I'm not one that usually takes to change well, but after the first cut I knew I'd made the right decision.  Having short hair is awesome.  As far as I can tell here are the pros to having short hair:
1. It dries in 2.5 seconds.
2. When I rub a towel over my head I look like Kevin Bacon/a chia pet.
3. It takes 10.3 seconds to do.
4. I look good with short hair.
5. I feel the same way I do when my hair is all done up, except it's all the time; Fancy.
6. I can finally do a fauxhawk.  Dreams do come true.
7. I honestly feel lighter when I run with short hair.

The cons
1. I don't have big enough boobs for it to be immediately obvious that I'm a girl.  Bummer.

As you can see, the pros definitely out weigh the cons.  I can take being called "man" (and I was, just last week at Whole Foods) every once in a while.
Here's me with my freshly done haircut with my stylist.  His name is Joe, the salon is Landis in Sugarhouse, and I HIGHLY recommend him!  Oh, and Beck wouldn't look at me for a few hours as he came to terms that his Mama now resembled a saucy teenage boy.  


Pam Baumeister said…
Hey Amy, you'll always be more like a saucy younger sister to me. :) I love your new hair!
KT said…
I love your hair! And Kevin Bacon. Except I do not love Kevin Bacon in the movie River Wild. He was creepy.

You're not creepy. I miss you.
Jenn said…
I know I've told you this, but I feel like I should tell you every time I see you -- I LOVE your hair. I think you are so brave for doing it. How did you know you were going to look so good with short hair? I also love the new addition of dangly earrings to your wardrobe. They definitely feminize your look. I added dangly earrings to my life about 5 years ago when I realized I always felt like a boy for a couple of weeks after getting a haircut . . . and I've never turned back!
The Kyles said…
Thanks ladies! I have been contemplating getting my hair chopped off for months, but I didn't think I would love it this much. I feel very lucky.

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