The Salt Lake Marathon

I'm back, blogging world, and sporting a kick a** haircut.  But we'll get to that later.  The Salt Lake Marathon was decidedly less than kick a**.  I had high hopes of really improving my time on a flat course, but, 'twas not to be.  I have actually avoided blogging because I have no idea what to put on this post that won't sound like whining.  I finished.  I'm glad I did.  But this marathon was supposed to be so much more than that.  Instead of crossing the finish line in triumph, I have a new list of things I've learned about myself and what I need to be able to do my best:
1. NEVER run a marathon in really old shoes.  It will destroy your gait and make you hurt like an old lady and reduce you to a run/walker by mile 20.
2. Respect altitude.  It matters.  It REALLY matters.
3. Compression really helps, but it won't counteract high altitude.
4. Get lots of sleep the night before you dolt!

So, I am humbled once again, and seeking redemption.  I will be running the Sugarloaf marathon in two weeks with high, but modified, hopes.


KT said…
Amy, you ran two MARATHONS in TWO WEEKS of each other. I understand how frustrating it can be to not finish in the time you hoped, but I got nothing but admiration for you! You're a champion! Just like Queen said.

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