Farewell to The Swamp thing

Let it be known that I was on the barefoot train when it was still a steam-powered engine.  I read "Born to Run" and I trying on my first pair of Vibrams within the week.  That was back when everyone else was still on the "more padding the better" train.  They changed my life (and my gait) in meaningful ways, made me fall in love with running again and changed the way I think about my feet hitting the ground (kiss the ground with your feet - soft and sweet, don't attack the ground like a horny high school theatre geek).  I ran in Vibrams back when people still had no idea what they were.  I was barefoot before barefoot was cool DAMMIT!!

I ran my last run in my Vibrams last weekend during the Cape Cod Ragnar.  That's another post in itself.  My vibrams now have holes in the bottoms and it is sadly time to say goodbye.  But that last run, was much like the first time I partook of the magic of shoe-less running; joyful, invigorating, fast.  Thanks for a beautiful 4 years, foot condoms, may you rest in peace knowing I'll be tooling around in these beauties:


Pam Baumeister said…
That's it. I think you're cooler than me. :)

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