The Yellow Dart

Perhaps you've noticed my new blog heading? It is compliments of my sweet hubs. He did it to surprise me and I'm not sure if he intended it to be permanent but I liked it so much I haven't taken it down yet. Ever since I got these shoes:

Jeff's been calling me the Yellow Dart. The name comes from an internet cartoon found on - I think it is equal parts ridiculous and awesome. Like a super heroine that knows how to laugh at herself. If I truly was said super heroine, here would be some of my superpowers:

1. Runs faster than a 3 year old on a trike going down a hill with over a 3% grade.
2. Laughs in the face of 9 mile runs in 95% humidity.
3. Sings well enough (consistently) to have her voice teacher say "you are DEFINITELY ready to audition for your DMA program, go for it girl".
4. Performs regularly with really good musicians.
5. Laughs in the face of pronouncing (and singing in) French. Does it so well that people picture her with a beret and a baguette in her hand.
6. Speaks Italian well enough to not have natives think in their head "Don't kill her, she's trying, I swear she's trying...".

Incredible super powers, I know. I may not be there yet, but some day I will be....

The Yellow Dart.

And when said day comes, you can bet I'll don a yellow cape, turn on the fan and take pictures of myself looking off in the distance and flexing my arms.


kristin said…
hehehehe Funny! I was wondering what this yellow dart business was. Kept forgetting to ask! Thanks for the explanation!
Joel said…
It's also a term used in an old Strongbad email.
scooping it up said…
Love it. Also, my french is humiliating. German I can rock it out no problem. French, well, it makes me cry.

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