Our first family pictures

We finally got family pictures taken! Seriously though, I think it only happened because I have a good friend who is a photographer and she did them out of the kindness of her heart. Now THAT's a good friend!
Bean was feeling ornery that day, so the people at the park got an extra show as three grown adults acted as goofy as possible to get him to crack a smile. They must have thought we were on something. Just high on life, people, just high on life.
Anyway, here are the results. Kristen now has the distinction of being the first photographer in a very long time to take a picture of me that doesn't make me go "aw man! I look like that? Why didn't anyone tell me!?" Well done, my friend. Well done.

It was at this moment that my very professional photographer friend had a stuffed duck on her head and was dancing around, I believe I was laughing hysterically and the Kyle men were a bit more stoic.


dstangl said…
Those are great pictures, Amy. The last one of your little bean is truly adorable. He has such a pinch-able, chubby little face. Perfect for lots of mommy kisses. Now that's Finn's older he loves to look at our family pics from just after his first birthday. He also loves to look at pictures of his toys. Babies are funny like that.
Erika said…
Those are beautiful pictures. I LOVE them. You guys have such an adorable little family.

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