The Bean turns O to the N to the E!!!

I can't believe it. My son is one year old. One year ago I met this sweet little man whose personality has grown and charmed me ever since. What a glorious day it was. I'll admit, I could have done without him being whisked away to the helipad and then to another hospital while I was discharged 6 hours after giving birth so I could be with him, but all's well that ends well right? And things have gone well.
Here's to children, how they change your life, how they open your heart, walk right in and make you love in ways you never knew were possible. Here's to beautiful, exciting, challenging, frustrating, unspeakably wonderful, love.
Here's a few pics (ok, more than a few, I went a little crazy) from the last year of the Bean's life.

Me making the muffins I practically lived on while pregnant. The Bean's body composition is like 60% muffin. He literally is The Muffin Man. Though he is yet to live on Drury Lane.

Beck in the NICU. That was one hell of a week. I mean that. But all's well that ends well, right? Right?

Mmm. Naps.

Less than one month old and perfecting "Blue Steel".

Man, I swaddled the HECK out of that baby! That's some $%^& fine swaddlin!

6 weeks old! Farewell Utah!

Three months and already really, really, ridiculously good looking.

5 months. This outfit is so cute I may have peed a little when I saw him in it. Ok, maybe I didn't, but I wanted to.
Christmas time with the Bean. He didn't enjoy opening presents like I thought he would, but he LOVED the wrapping paper!

A new year, still just as squishy and (slightly Beiber-ish) and adorable.

I love that he almost always wakes up happy!

He loves to be a part of the action where ever that is! From this vantage point, it looks like were a bit matchy-matchy. Don't believe it. I would never do that to my son.
This post is getting a little long, and I've been adding to it for days now. Ok, this is the last pic and then I'll continue with a sequel. Turns out I can't discriminate when it comes to cute pictures of my little man. Happy birthday - part one!


Kristi said…
I love it!!! He's so super cute! I can't believe where the time is going can you? Ava too has perfected "blue steel" lol. Can't wait to come down to visit soon. School is almost done here so hopefully before July. :) Let me know what works !
Pam Baumeister said…
Keep me posted if you decide to move to Drury Lane.

I love to see how much he's grown...and I'm sad that I'm not close enough to see it in person.

See you THIS week! Yay!
scooping it up said…
I love this post. He is so lovely, I loved that you said that NICU was one hell of a week. Because I feel like I can't accurately describe my feelings about the six months after the two babies came and Johnny was in the hospital for over 4 months and then it was insanity when he came home, without swearing. And since my mom and husband and RS president visit the blog I just feel like I must censor. And I get mad about it.

That baby being sick shiz is for realz. And I used the z.

Happy highly late birthday, baby. Stop growing so fat. Moms hate that crap.

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