This is your baby, this is your baby on music

You would think that as a musician and music teacher I'd be playing music for Beck non-stop and that I would have already broken out the note-reading flash cards. Believe it or not I have to make a concerted effort to play music for him. Maybe it's because there is too much thought that goes in to it?
This isn't to say I haven't played lots of music for Beck, but just little snippets of this and that, nothing for a long period of time.
I decided that the beginning of the modern tonal music period was a good a place as any and I settled on J.S. Bach's Well Tempered Klavier Bk. 1 recorded by Friedrich Gulda.
Here are the results:

Rapt attention, and bouncing vigorously (and rhythmically I might add) in his bouncy chair for the duration of the entire CD. Wow. I think that he just likes music and bouncing in his chair, but the CD was about 45 minutes long and he was pretty content the whole time. Yay Bach! I also tried Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto, he was much less bouncy but you could tell he was listening. It is amazing to watch someone discover music for the first time, ever.


kristin said…
k next time you must get it on video!
Marge said…
awesome! so fun to catch up some yesterday:)

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