The "L" word

You know the one. Leprosy. I knew you were thinking what I was thinking. When I was little, I was even more of a hypochondriac than I am now. I attached my childhood neurosis to two rare diseases; leprosy and leukemia. Why? I read about both in books. Lesson for today? Books are dangerous. They make you neurotic.
Seriously though, I read a book as a child about a guy who got leprosy (fiction by the way) and had never left New York City. I lived in Maine. That meant I was at risk too. Then I read a story about this kid who got a bruise on his leg and it wouldn't heal and finally he went to the doctor only to find he had leukemia. He eventually had to have his leg cut off. Translation? Every time 8-year-old Amy gets a bruise on her leg she rushed to her mom and said "Mom, do you think this is cancer? Is it going to have to come off? I don't want to lose my leg!". Not kidding. Using my infallible childhood logic I had concluded that bruises meant I had cancer (instead of what it really meant I was, am and always will be completely incapable of walking more than 100 feet with out bumping into something).
As ridiculous as those conclusions sound, don't we all make conclusions like that all the time? One time a guy named Steve was a really big jerk, that means all guys named Steve are big jerks. Not to say that learning from experience is bad, but I think even as adults we often take it too far. So, what is the irrational thing you've concluded lately?


Michelle said…
I can't think of anything irrational that I've thought lately (that's not to say that it hasn't happened, I just can't remember anything off the top of my head), but I laughed wicked hard about the not being able to walk 100 feet without walking into something. I can't tell you how many bruises I've gotten on my hip bones because of hitting a passing doorknob (countless, I tell you!).

Oh, I just thought of something that could fit the irrational thought category. While typing this I thought ("I haven't walked into a doorknob in a long time..I also haven't eaten anything that I'm allergic to in a long time either....I must have suddenly become MORE coordinated as a result of an allergy free life! MAybe all Amy needs to do is eat allergy-free and SHE'LL be more coordinated TOO!!")

How's THAT for illogical thinking?!
Kristin said…
I've been thinking of this one and I can't think of anything that I've concluded that is irrational per se. I do think that I really don't like being friends with girls who were cheerleaders in high school (this is continually proven to me, despite my efforts to keep an open mind) thus not so irrational. Hmmmm...Today I told someone that if I just don't think about the fact that I need to register Sage for preschool right now for the '11 school year that costs $4,000 a year - maybe it will just go away and take care of itself.

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