Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes

Does anyone else love that song by David Bowie? For some reason it makes me feel all hopeful about life and makes me think of summer and riding my bike. Anywho, I was just watching Bean as he perfected one half of his crawling technique. That means, he can't crawl yet, but he's got the legs part down pretty well, now he has to get his face out of the carpet - the kid can move forward slightly, but it's like a plow. It is amazing how fast a baby grows and changes and how many "stages" he goes through. It's only been five months and already I feel like we've been through different phases of things he likes to do, and sounds he makes (the high pitched squeal has fallen from grace - the razzberry is now totally in vogue). Not only what he does, but what he looks like has changed. Check it out:

Bean's first bath, ever, in the NICU (when we had to go through a check list to take him home -proving we could be competent parents - good thing they didn't see how many times we got peed on that first week).

One month old. ( this is my favorite picture by the way)
Just before leaving for Newton, and looking quite debonair don't you think? Check out those buns!!! (Picture by Jamie Kyle)
Two months old, on our floor sans furniture in our new digs:
Three-ish months old and sporting a rather iconic pose (he reminds me of one of those saints in a renaissance painting).

Four months and beginning the love affair with his lion toy. Seriously every time he sees it his arms shake and his eyes get wide - it's love, baby. (thanks Kathy!)
Now he's five whole months old! Unbelievable!
Don't you kind of wish someone commemorated your birthday every month? Though I do suppose it would be hard to be creative and original after a while. Still, happy 5 months Bean!


Marge said…
wow he grew up between 4 and 5 months. i think the same thing happened in our house. fun to see him!
Pam Baumeister said…
There's nothing wrong with loving your baby! He's SO cute and has changed SO much!
Erika said…
Wow. Is that curly hair?

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