The wonder of the Bean

It seems when you fall in love and you have a blog, you gush about your husband. Then you have a baby and you gush about him instead. Nothing can replace my love for my husband, but the newness of this little guy and how he has changed our life, well I believe it deserves some face time too. Seriously folks, fix your peepers on these pictures and tell me if you've ever seen a more ridiculously good looking baby. Actually don't tell me- if you've seen a better looking baby well, just keep it to yourself, thank you very much. Looking at our son conjures up feelings that can be best expressed by the leading lady in Raising Arizona when they kidnap the little baby ("Oh Hy, I love him sooooo much!"). If you haven't seen the movie, stop right now, and go to a itunes store or Blockbuster near you. Rent it. Rent it now. Why are you still reading? All joking aside, I never knew what love was until I met Jeff. That love took on a deeper, stronger dimension when I gave birth to our son. A new love for Bean was born with him - a love that makes me cry and glow from the inside out, worry incessantly for our little man, and thank God a thousand times a day for the opportunity to love and live with my two favorite people: Jeff and Bean.


dstangl said…
That last picture is super cute, Amy. Beck has such a cute little smile to go with that mountain of hair.
Michelle said…
He is such a cutie! I love the smile.

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