I run! I'm running! I'm a runner!

The title should be said just like Bill Murray in what about Bob as he utters those always comedic words as he is strapped to the mast of a sailboat with a life vest around him: "I'm sailing! I sail! I'm a sailor!". I feel just as exuberant when I run - it has been soooooo long. I may only be up to 2.4 miles but it's still wicked exciting. Speaking of wicked exciting, I went on a run on Saturday sans baby. Whoa. It blew my mind. I went to the conservation area, shucked my sneaks, donned my ever-lovin' vibrams and took off. Ah-that. Was. Delish. Seriously folks, scrumtrulescent. Don't get me wrong, the first two weeks of getting back into running have always been a bit mmm, sucky. But I feeling like I am getting over the hump and it's getting to the fun part again - slowly but it's getting there. Yes, for all you non runners, there is a fun part; you bet your sweet slowly- decreasing-in-size booty there is.


theriddle said…
Congratulations! I've been running a ton lately and feel the same way. The old runner me might be surfacing. Hurray (and finally!)

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