Farewell Utah

It doesn't really seem real that tomorrow I will be heading back East, flying across the country with my little son to Boston to start a new chapter in our lives out there. Jeff drove across the country in our car with his Dad, through torrential rain I'm told. As I say good bye to my family and friends, I still don't really grasp what it means to be leaving. I guess I've avoided thinking about all the things I will miss. But since it's tomorrow, here's a little list of things that I'll miss about living in Utah:
1. Being close to family, the family parties, watching my nieces and nephews grow up, hanging out with my siblings.
2. My dear friends
3. The mountains
4. Walking in the grass and not getting my feet wet
5. Having things dry so quickly!
6. The grid system - addresses are so easy to find!
7. All that sunshine.

But I am looking forward to:
1. Building our little family in a beautiful new place.
2. Finding new friends and reconnecting with old ones (especially Kristi!!)
3. Hanging out with my bro Mark and his family.
4. Being surrounded by water again. The lakes! The ponds! The ocean!
5. Discovering a new place.
6. Getting around via landmarks rather than address numbers (the numbers really don't mean anything out there:)
7. Eating seafood that I know didn't take a plane ride to arrive on my plate.
8. Being in a place where being Mormon feels like something special and unique.

There's my list, I apologize for the dryness of this post, I think it's my lack of sleep. That is a blog post in itself! Good bye Utah, I'll miss your blue skies and red rock, I'll miss your parks and people. I promise to come visit, don't forget me.


Erika said…
We are so sad that you guys left us, but now we have a great excuse to make a trip to Boston!

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