Boston! This time with more feeling... and more stuff

That's right. We're going to Boston again. But this time we're taking all our stuff and renting an apartment. Jeff is starting a new job in August which means we are now in the thick of weeding out stuff we don't want to move with, and selling stuff on like nobody's business.

I'm excited to go, but it will definitely be a huge change. I love the East, but now that the reality is upon us, I realize that I have spent my entire adult life in Utah (minus the mission that is). So I feel somewhere in the middle of squealing and clapping my hands in three-year-old glee and hiding behind my Mom's legs so I don't have to face the scary unfamiliar. I'll miss my family, I'll miss my friends. But the most important people are coming with me, so I think I'll be ok. And there's always the fact that I LOVE THE EAST, and the trees, oh how I love the trees. More to come on our impending move as events warrant. Now to find a place to live...


We have to see you before you go! Don't leave yet!

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