Pregnancy, the dark side

In between glorious bouts of feeling the baby kick inside me and the attention I get from friends and family, I stumbled once again into (dum dum dum!) the dark side; pregnancy hormonal fluctuations. It all started with a film that usually gets me a bit misty eyed but this time sent me directly over the edge into THE UGLY CRY. You know the kind. No soft tears streaming down the cheeks making your eyes sparkle and making everyone secretly think "awww". No, THE UGLY CRY is full on, uncontrollable body sobs when your face swells up like an allergic reaction to peanuts and you find yourself taken over by the overpowering urge to cry til you pass out. I went there folks. Yesterday. Twice. I felt like a mixture between an inconsolable child, a morose goth, and this:

Badgers. Crazy, weepy, depressed badgers. The dark side of pregnancy.


Joel said…
So, what was the movie? I need to know what not to show Katie...
my husband and I are laughing so hard! you kill me! haha! you describe it perfectly! hahaha!!!
jon and em said…
you make me laugh so sister vanessa and i cried when we read your post about the gravitron!!

love and miss you.

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