It may be a long time before I can listen to "Crazy Train" again...

Without wanting to punch someone that is. Allow me to rant for a brief moment. Don't worry it won't last long. I promise end on a good note.
I teach guitar. In a Jr. High. That should be enough information for some of you to run screaming from your computer screen yelling "The horror! Has the world gone mad?" and curl up in the fetal position to find a happy place while you listen to the soothing sounds of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring or anything equally more calm than the typical guitar classroom in Jr. High.
For those of you who can't visualize what it is like to place a usually beautiful instrument in the hands of thirty hormonal, delusional, non-motivated, hormonal teenagers let me open up a window into my world: THE FIRST 8 BEATS OF CRAZY TRAIN WHENEVER THERE IS MORE THAN A SECOND OF DOWN TIME OR IF I PAUSE TO TAKE A BREATH. That means I hear it about 20-30 times a day every day that I teach. Every beginner delights in the musical ego stroking that occurs when you master something. But two bars!?!? Seriously, that's a little too little for anyone I would think. Listening to Ozzie Ozborn teach me quantum physics would probably put me in a better mood. But, now that I think about it, that would be kind of interesting to see. But I digress.
And now, a picture of some bunnies.


Erika said…
I hate teenagers..... but I love bunnies.

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