It's a ...

The big day came last week. By which time I had switched into full-neurotic mode and was freaking out to get a look inside this belly of mine to make sure everything was ok. I had imagined every possible outcome and I was just dying to get a look at the little bean. It was hard to concentrate on teaching that day.
I finally found myself on the table with goo on my belly and the ultrasound technician hard at her reassuring work and Jeff holding my hand. The baby's healthy, two arms, two legs and one... penis.
Yes. It's a boy. Yes. I went there. (I am SO the mormon version of scandalous!)
B to the O to the Y chromasome. Giddy-up!
I was very surprised but obviously we are thrilled. But I will have to give away that dress that we bought him in Guatemala. Jeff says I can't make him wear it. We did buy him these though:

From the same boot shop that made our boots. Baby shoes, they have to be the most adorable thing next to babies themselves (well, most babies, but that is another post).

Back to the fact that we are having a baby. Though the technician couldn't really get a good profile picture, she was able to capture my son in his first act of comforting his parents that everything is going to be fine (he's giving the thumbs up if you can't tell- and check out that bicep!):

Thanks sweet pea. Can't wait to meet you.


Erika said…
We are so excited for you guys!

I don't think you should give that dress away though. You will be so sad in three years when you pop out a little girl and she is missing her Guatemalan sun dress.
Jennifer said…
I love your blog! I am so excited for you guys. I have 3 boys myself. Boys love their momma that is for sure!


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