Guatemala post #2 aka pan not so "crema"

After our first few days in Antigua our friends Kurt and Erika arrived and the next day we were off to Tikal. That is... after the fog lifted and our flight had been delayed a few hours. But, I got a tasty nap on the airport floor so it wasn't a total loss. Tikal was perhaps the highlight of an already wonderful trip. The jungle was amazing, the temples were awe-inspiring and the only draw back was being pregnant and not having enough snacks available. Seriously why have none of the people in that park thought to sell bananas or something? Since I'm off sugar, the only thing I could really find to eat were these crackers called "Pan Crema" (that's creamy bread for all youse guys who don't habla spanish) sounds nice, no? Well, after the 8th damn package it wasn't so "crema" I'll tell you that much. But, it staved off the hunger beast long enough for us to enjoy the amazing sights until my next meal that would most definitely have to include black beans (I couldn't get enough - they were sooo good! If only they were as plentiful as Pan Crema...). Because these crackers became the bane of my existence anything that was bad or distasteful to anyone in our party would then be referred to as "Pan Crema", take that stupid crackers. Now that just sounded racist, I mean the food, people! The food!

Anyway, this post really wasn't supposed to be about food, though being pregnant makes the subject never far from my mind. It is really supposed to be about our truly incredible experience in the jungle. We saw spider monkeys and heard howler monkeys (they sound like walruses by the way - I've heard they are smallish and slow moving, but you wouldn't get that from the size of their roar!).

We also met this park ranger, seated on the steps of one of the ancient mayan palaces sharpening his machete. He told me it was his job to clear the paths and care for the area around the palace. He clearly took pride in his job... and that is one sweet mustache.


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