Chichicastenango - in which we bargain like crazy and I nearly loose my breakfast

Chichicastenango is a mountain town where there has been a weekly market for over a thousand years. It is also the home of Santo Thomas the church that is boasted to be where the Popol Vuh was found. So, this is coming from a girl who grew up in a state where many of the main roads started out as cow paths, but seriously those roads were so incredibly switchback-y, twisty and turn-y I felt like I was on the Gravitron (that horrid ride at the fair that we went on last year) for three hours. Before we went we stopped by Pastores to pick up our custom made boots. Here we are with the boot maker, Rafael and his assistant. Jeff looks like he's in the land of Lilliput:

They did a great job!
Chichicastenango, after we had all recovered from the drive, was really fun. Under the tutelage of my husband and Erica I greatly improved my bargaining skills. Aw yeah!


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