Tiger Lily

Silly.  I know.  Naming a guitar, and after either a Peter Pan character or a flower.  Well I'll tell you, it's after the flower.  Growing up in Maine, our driveway (which was not your average driveway length, it crossed a stream and stretched about 1/8th of a mile) would be lined with the most beautiful orange tiger lilies.  To this day most of my favorite flowers are the ones that grew on our property in my beloved Maine (like the irises that I had in my wedding bouquet) in the summer time.  But back to the guitar.  I finally bought one of my own, and I love it.  It's not a Fender or a Martin, or any other well known brand, but the seller bought it in Paris which was enough to give it a certain mystique.  I played it before buying it and it felt at home in my not-so-talented-but-getting-better hands and sounded beautiful.  The stickers on the case are mostly from it's previous owner (I have taken the liberty of covering the "I love Hooters" sticker though).  So, call me a hopeless romantic, but just more normal names, like Lucille, were already taken.  I've named other inanimate objects before: Rufio, my first car, and Pig, my very first laptop (and quite possibly the very first laptop ever made I believe it weighed a feather light 20 pounds).  I only had the car and the laptop for a few years, but I do believe that the purchase of this guitar is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.  Cheers. 


KT said…
I wanted to buy a guitar, but then I found an old flute at a garage sale and bought that instead. Except I won't play it because it grosses me out to blow on an instrument covered in someone else's drool.

Anyway, I like your guitar.

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