So today I was in training and we were all asked: "How would your life be different if you weren't literate?".  
Well, that would take at least 500 pages and a few Cd's of accompanying music for effect to answer that; since I only had 5 minutes this is what I came up with: 

Instead of being here, I'd probably be somewhere in Portland, Maine working as an urchin diver struggling with inner ear problems.  I'd be trying to make ends meet in some ramshackle apartment on Munjoy Hill (the Queens of Portland) with a no-good, no-account former farm league baseball player turned part time trucker named Larry.  Every Valentines Day Larry would promise me: "It's OK baby, I'll get you a ring this year, I promise, after you have this baby".

Then the time ran out and we had to stop, and I was sad that I didn't have the chance to figure out how many rooms my apartment had or what my cranky landlady would look like.  That is how my mind works. 


Karinne said…
Haahahaahahha! I wasn't prepared for that this morning! I laughed right out loud!! Thanks, Amy, for putting life in perspective today. ;)
KT said…
Amy, only THREE out of about 15 girls in my young women can read. THREE. I'm not kidding. Do they have learning disabilities, you ask? Oh no, no they don't. Their parents homeschool/don't school them. Not even kidding. I literally shake with anger when I think about it. What kind of future have they given their children? "Thanks for not teaching me how to read, mom, I LOVE this life of minimum wage you've condemned me to."

On a brighter note, you're hilarious!
Amanda said…
You're such a good writer! I can't stop reading your blog, even with three kids clamoring for my attention!

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