The County Fair

We decided to go to the County Fair last night.  It was enjoyable, smaller than we expected, but we did go the petting zoo, which was my favorite.  This little camel in the corner who deserves an honorable mention for the longest pee ever recorded to date.

She knows it too.  She's so smug looking, her with her enormous bladder and all.   We left our incredible water-storing friend, took a trip around the petting zoo and pictures of this sweet little goat 

and a few of his friends and and this camel was still just over there makin' it happen and barely bat an eyelash.  I know camels can hold water for a long time, but this, this was incredible. 

Needless to say, after the astounding performance I had to locate a bathroom.  I was that inspired.  

Second to the camel, the pigs and their adorable habit of putting their snouts as close to you as possible was pretty fantastic: 

So if a peeing camel is the highlight of our trip to the fair, you may wonder what could be the low moment of this thrilling adventure.  Here it is: The Gravitron.*  

I had an inkling it was a bad decision to board this spinning contraption, but since Jeff and Pete were going, I couldn't look like the wimp and not go.   My brain had the kindness to remind me of the last time I rode something that spun really fast and was incidentally named THE GRAVITRON.  It wasn't pretty.   But there was face to be saved and I told my brain to shove it. My brain folded it's arms and muttered "oh, this is SO not over."   

As we boarded the spaceship-like, carnival creation from the 80's  (seriously has anyone seen a fair ride that wasn't built in the 80's?) and it started to spin, my brain decided it was time it reminded me: "You IDIOT.  I warned you, and now all the blood in your brain is going to pool in the back of your head and your organs are going to wrap around your spine and you will never be the same.  You will have to cut a hole in the back of your head to be able to smell.  This isn't a ride, it's a HUMAN CENTRIFUGE".  I closed my eyes, quietly apologized to my brain about twelve times and tried to minimize the damage by pretending I was having an awesome time.
Here's me after my "awesome time":*

 I was sick for the rest of the night.  Gravitron  -  1 
Amy    -    less than zero

I recommend the petting zoo.  

*Thank you to Bonnie Monson for taking pictures of The Gravitron and me looking my best.  


Rebecka said…
You are so funny!!! I laughed throughout the entire thing!
Joel said…
What I want to know is whether you were posing for that picture, or if it was your actual expression at that moment.
Anonymous said…
I got stuck in a Gravitron for almost an hour at the Deering Oaks Festival one year. One minute it was Prince's Raspberry Beret, the next, just a hot, locked box. Not so cool.
How we miss the Kyle's dearly!

That was a hilarious post! Thanks for the smiles. Stop by sometime.

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