Jeff and I have new bikes. As I proclaim it proudly to anyone who talks to me for more than five seconds I wonder how much I'm starting to resemble a four year old who holds out their fingers to tell you he is "this many". Well, that's how I feel darn it, and if you can't abide by my two wheeled joy, well, you and I need to go for a bike ride. Oh the glorious feeling of sailing down the road on a sleek framed machine that most closely resembles greased lightening.

Oh the spoked and handlebarred bliss that is now at our very finger tips. And now that we have bikes for our long weekend rides, it seems that there is a bike needed for many occasions; like shoes. Bikes for the mountains, bikes for paved roads, fixies for your foray into the world of one-geared-hippiedom, cruisers for trips to the grocery store, the list goes on and on. So what began as something fun that we could do together as a couple has quickly become somewhat of an obsession. We bask in the golden glow of each new bike (well, new to us; besides our purchased ones, the two we've acquired came from my sisters garage and and dream of the possible places it could take us. Our kitchen slowly looks more and more like a bike shop (that's where we have to keep them). We don't seem to mind though, I mean there are worse things you could be obsessed with, right? Now if I could only get the hang of those clipless pedals....



Joel said…
They have names, don't they?
Petersen's said…
that field is so beautiful! I think it's so fun that you guys enjoy riding bikes so much... it's a great obsession to have!
I have been absent from the world for a while and since I've been absent, I have not heard of your new obsession of bikes. Congratulations! How fun! I need to see you guys to get my dose of the Kyle's soon!!!

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