An excessive fondness for or desire to use big words. Example: "It is impossible to indoctrinate a superannuated canine in the intricacies of innovative feats of legerdemain." Yup, I'm addicted to big words. I found out early that they were just fun to say like: triskaidekaphobia, which means an abnormal fear of the number thirteen. Now that's just good clean fun. Just say it to yourself a few times, it really does come trippingly off the tongue. Kind of like a verbal Pop Rocks. Here's another one: "voluptuous blandishments". Now that is a winning combination of words if I ever saw one. That comes straight from the pen of the illustrious writer James E. Talmage, a blatant hypersyllabicomaniac (and the world is better for it too!). The man is my hero, a true exemplification of taking the English language to it's descriptive best. Some may say that big words isolate those that don't know them or can appear pedantic or elitist. True. But if used correctly, they can elevate, impress, challenge and excite the imagination. Just one visit to the Visual Thesaurus and you'll see what I mean. One of the first things that made me fall for Jeff is that he was practically the first man I had dated that I didn't have to give constant definitions to. So let me add to that list of things that big words do: they attract.



Joel said…
A truly cromulent post.

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