Looking for Hope: a drop in the manifesto bucket.

Are you tired of political posts?  Me too, but this election is something I think about daily.   If you are still reading, there's room in your brain for one more battle cry.  It won't be long, I promise.  I am not one for long written political rants.  I prefer my political soapboxes to be a live performance.  In this difficult time, there are still people inspired by hope, inspired that flawed people can still help steer this country in a good and positive direction.  I find that is beautiful.  I don't care as much about who you are voting for as I do that you are really, really thinking about it.  I hope that you ponder all the possible outcomes of your choice not only for you, but for your fellow citizens.   I hope we ask ourselves difficult questions like : What will my voting for a third party candidate really do?  What experience has this candidate had in leading and uniting people?  Is this candidate motivated by hope or by fear?  I hope that my choice (and yours) on voting day engenders more love, more kindness and more unity in our beautiful-flawed, beautiful-because-it's-flawed, country.


lindzandrob said…
I voted third party. It was fun. Who would have thought that li'l ol' conservative me would vote for a pot-smoking anarchist before the republican nominee. Lots Of Laughter! It is very funny to me.

Happy Thanksgiving

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