Found in a discount bin

Imagine, if you will, me and my boys and niece wandering the streets of Metz (France, I live in France for anyone who isn't up on the times). We wander into a vintage vinyl store recommended to us by the owner of a vintage clothing store that single handedly backed up my argument to my niece that French people can be just as nice as all those awesome people in Valencia, Spain. Anyway, we wander in, A finds magical things, the boys find a box of toys and I find CDS FOR A EURO EACH. I buy five. Including this little morsel:
The first few tracks were pretty weird and repetitive and I was consoling myself on wasting a euro when we happened on this cover of Barbie Girl. Perhaps you have to be in the right mood but the use of the g├╝iro (an instrument that you play by scraping across the surface and it looks like this:
) Anyway it had a groove, it was creative and new and fun. After a summer of listening to people who just can't seem to get out of the T-Pain-esque auto-tuning this was a breath of fresh, adorable air. Imagine the guy singing it has a monocle.  Have a listen, and happy Tuesday!


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