An update on the Bean

It's been a while!  So here's an update on the Bean: 
Bubble baths are a new favorite.  
 I rarely take pictures of myself right now and this is why:
 Beck has a new ducky towel and it is a huge favorite.
 We got a beautiful print of one of our portraits from my sister-in-law Jamie, and Bean had an indoor sand box for a few days.
My new obsession is gluten-free chocolate muffins.  Bean's a fan as well.
 Jeff's old camera is Bean's new favorite toy.  We took a walk and he took a million pictures of the neighborhood "robots".  Who knew there were so many robots in our neighborhood?
 We passed some of the time during the blizzard a friend's house and Bean chilled with the ladies.
 Bean finally worked up the nerve to get in the spaceship at the Museum of Science.  Oh, what a magical place.  I've been going there since I was little and I never get tired of it!
 My friend, threw me a little babyshower and all I the pictures I took were of the food.  But it was oh, so good.
 In the winter we have to improvise so Bean and his preschool buddy are riding bikes in the garage.


Pam Baumeister said…
I miss you. That is all.

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