A little somethin' for the night time

Keith Jarrett is one of my favorite jazz pianists.  I gave Jeff one of his albums for our first Christmas together.  He has a sensitive touch that is unique and so very soothing.  I recently found out that he suffers from Chronic Fatique and had to totally relearn how to play as he recovered.  I love hearing about artists that have succeeded beautifully in the face of great difficulty.

Chet Baker is a trumpet player.  His voice is noticeably untrained and simple.  His version of "My Funny Valentine"  is my very favorite.  This song was forever in my mind when Beck was born and swept away from me to the NICU within hours.  I still sometimes tear up when I sing "stay Valentine stay" if I think about it too much.

This song next haunts me. I adore it in both French and English. The English translation is "Under Paris Skies" and if you've spent any time in Paris, no doubt you've heard it on an accordion. Enchanting.


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