New Years Day!

I'm afraid I am so behind in blogging, that my sense of witty banter has been replaced by a utilitarian need to just get information out there.  So here is my relatively joyless report.  I'll try to make it seem enthusiastic with my over-use of exclamation points.  Sorry!  I'm just not feeling that creative!! But it was a really great day!!!  Maybe I'm not that creative because I'm so pregnant!!  You can bet you won't see any full body shots of this mama for at least another 5 months!!!  Anywho, here's the pics.  Enjoy.  Pithy comments not included.  
Recently, my sister and her family moved to New Hampshire and we got to visit on New Years day.  Beck and his cousin, Angel Kay bonded over her music box. 

 Beck got to go sledding, and got all hydrated for the venture:

 My brother, Mark, and his family were able to come too,  it was so great to see them!  Hannah, Robin, Becca and Autumn are the ones facing the camera.
 Angel Kay is the MELLOWEST 2 year old ever.  I may or may not be slightly jealous.
My big bro Mark and my brother-in-law Ben.
Lovely Audrey, my niece.
Dallin, just kickin it with his cousin Hannah.
All the little cousins!  Beck, Zoe, Danny, Emily, and Isaac.

There you have it folks.  We met.  We had delicious soup.  Most of us sledded.  New Years Day was celebrated.  


Olive said…
Thanks for the pictures, Amy! Seeing you, Beck and Jeff in my four walls boosted the joy of family in New England!

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