A ticking time bomb. Potty training.

It's happening, folks.  It's on like Donkey Kong.  We started last Saturday.  I know there are a million ways to do it, but we started with him running around naked and it was awesome.  He did great.

If we lived in a nudist colony, that would be that.  End of blog-post.  Unfortunately, (well, fortunately - for so many, many un-airbrushed reasons) we do not live in a nudist colony so the saga continues.  He does great with peeing, but poops?  It's like....

Now? Maybe now!
Now?  He has that look in his eye...
Now?  Oh no! It's now! Pick up the kid! Run! Run! Goooooooo!
Aaaaaand it's too late.
Another pair of Thomas underwear is banished to the trash.  Sigh.

I even wrote a book to help the Bean understand that his underwear is not poop's home.  So far we're still struggling.  But he pees in the potty like a champ.  Someday, someone's going to find this blog post and use it against my future grown-up son.  Sorry sweetie.  I mean... payback suckah!!!  But seriously, sorry sweetie.  You are doing great.


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