Watch this. Let me know what you think. After watching it I was compelled, shocked, saddened and empowered. Then after my more logical husband came home we did a bit more research. We even reviewed Invisible Children Inc.'s taxes for 2010. Things check out so far, what's your opinion? Whether or not this is the best charity out there is not the question, I DO believe it raises an important issue. We must always be mindful of those who need our help.


Pete said…
i can tell you this. from being in the military, some of the most disturbing things i have seen/heard are from Kony's little group. i say why not try? the conventional means arent working, so why not try something new?
Gabby said…
I do believe it. I mean why take the time to make this whole video if it's all fake? I don't know. It definitely made me feel all that you felt and more. Hmmmm

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