News flash!

The more you do something, the easier it gets. I know, something everybody knows right? But often I still sit on my duff and think, "I just wish I was good at ______". How many times have you seen someone do something really well and thought, "Man! I wish I could do that!" and then sat back down and did nothing?
Putting this into practice with my two main passions, I can DEFINITELY say running has become easier since I've been running 4 times a week. I'm thinking of going to 5 days per week in preparation for my next marathon. But running has definitely become something my body can just do. It is a wonderful feeling. Running has really held my ego intact while my voice has been stripped down to the core and rebuilt from the ground up. I'm not kidding. I would go to voice lessons, get totally ripped apart (totally sweetly, mind you, my voice teacher is an angel- no joke, she even has the white-blond hair and the amazing blue eyes) and go home and slog through another week of not feeling like my voice would ever be where it should be.
Today while I was working on a very difficult aria I got to the end and the high C just popped out. Like daisies in spring time! Easy peasy. I've been a lot more consistent with my practicing; working on technique much more and I think it's finally paying off. Well, I think it's been paying off for a while, but I am finally able to see consistent proof. Hot Damn!


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