The Beach

My friend and I somehow agreed that a great idea would be to brave the crowds on 4th of July weekend and head to the beach with our families. She even brought 2 extra kids for added excitement (our friend was in the hospital having her 3rd, so Kristen kindly took the two kiddos for the day). As annoying as the traffic was on the way there, it was worth it just to see the Bean in 7th heaven. Seriously. I feel a little bad that we've denyed him this enjoyment up till now (we went to the beach last summer but he was too little to realize it was his natural habitat and the origin of all happiness).
His favorite thing was when Hubs would dig a hole, Bean would sit in said hole. That and crawling around in the water like it was a giant bath tub. Oh, the good times he had!!
We begin the journey, fully clothed, unaware of the joys that await the little man:

It begins, Bean helps Daddy dig the first hole.

Bean and I both agree that clothes are just keeping him down, and though he'd like to be a nudist, his unprepared mommy happens upon a friend with a swim diaper to spare.

Well hello to my adoring public! Don't I have the most fantastic, chunky, baby butt cheeks ever? I know.

Ahhhh, much better (He has a swim diaper on, I swear it - a little ghetto I know, but honestly, it didn't even occur to me to get him a swim suit.)

So many ways in which to enjoy a hole in the sand...

I promise we didn't put him there, he climbed in.
Bean kindly paused in his merry making to pose for a few pictures

One of the whole gang (in which Kristin show's me that yes, I do have a self timer that I've never used in the three years I've had that camera...)
All in all, in the midst of making sure that the Bean didn't crawl off, drown or try and eat someone else's food, it was a lovely day!


scooping it up said…
so fun, and CUTE! i know you've got your thing in the afternoon, but I am thinking about going on Thurs... you are so welcome to join in.
Kristin said…
Yes good times had by all. and Hey! A little ghetto never hurt anyone! :) Looking forward to another trip, with less kids, less people, and more conversation and fun!
This post is so funny to me. That Bean is all personality. Miss you all!

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