Let that be... uh... a lesson to you?

So yesterday I confiscated this student's ipod while I was supervising a study hall. He seemed more than a little wounded, as I have him in my Guitar 2 class and he is usually a good kid. Said ipod went to the office where it had to stay for a few days (school rules).
Today he walks into class and thanks me for taking his ipod. While he was at weight lifting club at the high school someone got into the locker room and stole everyone's ipods. Except, of course, his was still all snuggly and safe in the office of ye ol' school. I wanted to say something poignant at that point, but what do you say? It pays to get caught? Aren't you glad I'm a stickler for the rules? Aren't you glad you broke the rules? I had nothing. But I'm glad that being a hard-A finally paid off. Yay me. Warm fuzzies for being mean to teenagers.


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