The Belly

...and it jiggles when I laugh, like a bowl full of jelly. Sometimes when I walk by shop windows and look over I'm totally shocked to see that its there. I've been having more and more dreams about meeting the little guy, including one weird one where my belly had an opening like a kangaroo pouch and I could peek inside on my little man. Only 8 weeks left!


Rebecka said…
You look amazing! You are one cute pregnant lady!
You look so, so good! Yay, only a couple months...can't wait to meet him!
Dagny said…
You look great, Amy. One of my weirdest pregnant dreams was that I tripped and fell on my belly and it exploded like a giant water balloon. When I stood up there was a tiny pink plastic baby lying in the water. Pregnant dreams are totally bizarre.
jon and em said…
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jon and em said…
you look beautiful!! i can't wait to meet the little guy . . . were you totally disappointed when you woke up and realized you didn't have a kangaroo pouch?? i would have been devastated!

love you, and can't wait to see you in junio.

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