A new lease on life

I came to school on Thursday morning in SUCH a good mood. The millionth student to be caught chewing gum in choir didn't seem to bug me quite as much. Nothing could get me down. Then I realized by contrast that I had been uber cranky the last few weeks. What had made the difference? I thought you'd never ask. Well, on Wednesday night a new member of the family arrived in our home. To dudes arrived in a huge truck and brought us a new mattress and box spring (and as they dragged our sorry old one away commented, "Wow, this one was really on it's last leg huh?" Um, evidently.) SWEET FANCY MOSES. What a difference a good night's sleep makes. So, as I've been proclaiming to anyone who will listen to me ramble for more than 20 seconds:


katherine said…
awesome! a nice bed makes a big difference! ps, i thought i had commented below, i love your images, those are so cool!!! way to go!! miss you guys!
Erika said…
Hmmm, sleeping sounds pretty good right now.

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