Bicycle Bonanza

Ok, I admit it, I don't really remember what the event was called, but on Friday there were bicycles everywhere in down town Salt Lake.  Did a bicycle cause my now splinted state?  Well, you could say that it did.  No matter.  All is forgiven.  My only regret is that I can't get on a bike for a while, or so I thought.  But this Friday bonanza would have me riding not one but two bikes, thanks to a little help from my friends (and husband) and with not even a protest from the doctor's orders.  

First off we ran into our friends, the Quigleys, who happen to be the winning-est people we know (or perhaps it's just Gina, but we'll include Ross in the mix - maybe he's her good luck charm).

  They had just won a Madsen bike.  They came in a car, however, and had no way of getting the huge bike home, so Jeff offered to ride it home for them.  Enter bicycle ride number one.   Jeff was the motor, I was the entertainment.  

He pedaled, I sang and took pictures and waved at the people who stared as we rode by.   It was really fun and I think we both felt a bit like little kids.  Speaking of little kids, the bike I actually got to ride was something just a little bigger than a Bigwheel.  It is affectionately named "Pinkie" by the Salt Lake Bike Company's owner's children (who incidentally thought I was stealing their bike when I took it out for a little spin).  "Pinkie" was the only thing I could find where I didn't have to really hold on to one handle bar and not risk breaking righty as well as lefty.   But it was still enough to fill me with joy...

The look you see on my face is pure contentment.  

After my little joyride, we hopped back on the Madsen and my rock star of a husband schlepped me around Salt Lake for the next two hours.  We finished the night watching a tall bike joust.  A tall bike joust is just what it sounds like.  Two crazy bikers on bikes that are ridiculously high hold long pvc pipes with some random soft object on the end such as a Hulk fist or a stuffed bunny and try to knock each other off.  Now that's good times.  


Kate said…
yeah for a madsen! did you tell them thats my brother's bike! we rode the first motorized madsen last weekend in st george and it was AWESOME! not much of a workout, but very fun!

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