Farewell to arm...casts

Yup, off with the cast and on with the arm shield.  I'm halfway to my goal of becoming the She-Ra of the modern age.  Honestly, I got what I was hoping for, a minimalist brace that wouldn't get in the way.  But, I have to admit with out the protection of the big bulky cast my arm feels a bit naked and vulnerable.   And so, I penned this ode:

Ode to my left arm

Showers weren’t the same

A mending arm raised high

Swathed in plastic and elastics

In a dry salute to the shampoo

Preserving the cast.

Dinners have a new dimension.

In my lap the arm complains

Begins to throb.

The best position is

Vertical, hand raised

Like an unspoken

Meal-time challenge.

To arm wrestle the girl with

The metal in her arm.

Don’t think me ungrateful.

I know full well

A hundred years ago the doctor

Would have shook his head at me and

Said: “That’s going to have to come off”

Bless you modern medicine.


My surgeon wants to make sure I get my mobility back and since my bones are held together by cobalt chromium (surgical steel)  it's the muscles and soft tissue that need the protection but also the ability to recover their flexibility.  So, I am the owner of a rad arm shield that has me singing "She-Ra! Princes of Power!"  every time I look down.  I asked the clinic nurse if I could have a matching one for my right arm, but she just laughed.  I said I wasn't kidding, but I don't think she believed me.  Well, I'm off to fight crime, er, muscle atrophy.


Joel said…
Muscle atrophy is my most treacherous foe. I would like to eat its children.
Bonni and Pete said…
i love you and your she-ra cast. it just makes you that much cooler

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