What a man, what a mighty good man

We are now a one car family. We have been for some time and it has been great. But we hit a slight snafu this weekend and I was in danger of being bitter over our one-car-ness. I've been piloting a honors chorale program for the private schools in Utah that I work with. It's been a big project and has occupied most of my time for the last few months and been the source of not a few tension headaches. The final rehearsal and concert was at the school campus just past the point of the mountain. Now, if I went down for the rehearsal and all, there would be no way for Jeff to come and see the concert (I really wanted him to come, I had worked so hard on this project and really wanted him to see the fruits of my labors). I tried to car pool or find a way to take the bus, but nothing would get me there in time. So, I made peace with it and headed down. I called Jeff a few hours later to tell him not to worry about trying to get down here when I heard a Trax announcement in the background. My sweet husband rode his bike to Trax, took Trax to the last stop, hopped on the bus, got off at the Lehi Park and Ride, and biked up to the school just to be there for the concert. Wow, now that's love. I don't know what I did to deserve him.



katherine said…
well done jeff well done! and amy, nice to probably have that big project over with too huh?!
brooklyn said…
now that is love!

(we are a one car family too)
Rebecka said…
That's so sweet. What a sacrifice! Looks like you have yourself a good guy. Maybe someday I'll get to meet him.

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