The Jazz Game

So last Tuesday, at about 4pm my boss walks in and asks: "Do you have plans tonight?" My co-worker Adam immediately looked tense, but i had a hunch about what was going on. You see, if it was business related, I would have already known about it. Though my job is often unpredictable, the are only a few stages where it becomes imperative that I work late, and none of our clients are at those stages. It wasn't going to be a social call, he's my boss. It was the Jazz game. I noticed in his schedule earlier that day that he had a dilemma - He was double booked on Jazz tickets. He had tickets to a suite that came with a sponsorship package and he also purchased a package of floor seats from a friend of his. Oh, the hardships. Anyway, I looked over at my colleague and said, "You are available. Whenever he walks in and asks if you are available for the same evening, it is always a good thing. You are available." My boss is always double or triple booked, so he pawns off events like banquets and Jazz games on us. 

I was right, he pulled out two tickets for that nights Jazz game. I was excited, but my coworker was giddy. Like a little kid. They were the floor seats. We went and it was awesome. It was the Timberwolves, which is probably why he gave us the floor seats, but that is ok with me. (He had tickets for Cavaliers that Saturday) We were 4 seats down form Larry Miller's. When I called the ref by name and told him what a bad call that was, he turned and looked at me. It was awesome.


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