Is this a New Year I see before me?

At a family party I saw some distant relative come in with this hat on; he was thin, sporting some sweet wranglers and a plaid flannel shirt.  But the glory of the outfit was The Hat.  It was a hat that wouldn't take no for an answer.  I could imagine that hat sitting atop Gary Cooper's head in High Noon as he stared the badies down.   No matter the situation, even if it was completely out of place, there would be no apologies and that seemed strangely comforting.  The wearer of The Hat had to feel more confident upon putting it on; taller, (definitely!) stronger, and ready for just about anything.   So while my friend in the plaid shirt who happened to share some of my DNA and a bit of my taste for the out of place was occupied with stories of yester-year I snuck into the coat room with Michelle (my sister) and took a picture; basking in the power of The Hat.  I don't even think I formally introduced myself to that relative of mine, I do hope he wouldn't mind that we shared his hat with the strong personality for a moment.  It's not like a beanie or a baseball cap; this hat knows what it wants.  Though The Hat is something that I will probably never own, I will always admire it from afar.  May the New Year bring us courage in any situation and may we live our lives in a way that we can look to the past knowing we never compromised who we were.  And I got all that from a hat.  


Juliann said…
Yeeehhaaawww! It becomes you. . .

(P.S. my word verification that I have to type in right now is "pompu." I thought you'd like that.)

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