Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I am happy with the path I'm on. and all that. Christmas is a time for giving, and altruism and brotherly love. But if I were to write a letter to Santa that was truly and utterly frivolous this Christmas, and I knew that world peace and love and harmony were imminent, this is what I'd ask for;

1. A superpower. I've always wanted to fly, and I'm pretty sure it would make the commute more fun (especially in the summer - maybe I'd ask for two powers; flight and imperviousness to cold; the later would solve a whole lot of problems).

2. Natural dancing ability. I'm ok, but it would be so great to be a really good dancer. Then when I was out flying, and some badie came to pull me down, I'd just challenge him to a dance off. Take that!

3. Perfect grammar. Oh how lovely it would be (without all that icky studying and such) to write prose and poetry above reproach? Ah, these are the things dreams are made of.

4. Perfect pitch. Now this ability does not a great musician make, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

5. On the same line as No. 4, an ageless voice. We singers have a time limit on how long we can use our instrument. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to sing at 80 years old with out a vibrato that you could drive a mack truck through?

6. To have purple hair for a whole week with out having to worry about the adulty- type repercussions.

Well those are just a few. So I hope Santa looks at blogs. Merry Christmas!


Joel said…
Let me see if I understand correctly. You want to be "marked by arrogant assurance" toward cold? Or did you mean "impervious"?

Well, I guess it just serves to underscore wish #3.
The Kyles said…
Oops! Well, it just makes #3 more meaningful, but I'll make the change anyway. Although arrogant assurance wouldn't be half bad in the face of a really annoying cold wind.
KT said…
I heard a story about two college roommates who used to play dance-off in a grundy college house basement. It was a really funny story.

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