As I drove to work this morning trying to warm-up my voice and concentrate on the road at the same time (I've found if I want to keep my voice in shape for upcoming auditions I have to multitask). Believe it or not, it's hard to find the right balance in your sound while merging lanes and I felt a little resentful that I wasn't in a practice room where I could give my full attention to the thing I want to do. It was another morning, I had resigned my self to it; no big deal, but no excitement either. Then I looked over to the east and saw the white mountains and the pink and purple glow of the sun just about to rise and everything seemed right with the world. My body relaxed and I felt warmer from the glow of the rising sun. Even warm-ups on my morning commute didn't seem to be as much of a chore anymore. I don't have to list everything, but suddenly when you see a manifestation of God's love everything else seems like a gift too. Now that is something to sing about; even if it is just scales and arpeggios.



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