Maine, Maine, Maine!!

Let me warn you right off, this begins a long stream of blogs about my beloved Maine. For those who I haven't told (I believe that's probably three people total of all the people I come in contact with and exchange conversation - I'm very proud of my home state) I grew up in a little town called Windham, Maine. Jeff and I went back so he could experience the glory that is the eastern most state in the union and so that I could attend the Chamber Singer's reunion concert (that's another blog entirely, wait for it, wait for it....) among other things. Our first meal of course, had to be lobster. Since I had refused to have lobster while in a landlocked state (it just didn't seem natural) it had been over seven years since I had partaken of the glorious crustacean. I must say, they are still hard to get into, but worth the wait. If anyone happens to find them selves in Portland, Maine may I recommend the activities of our first day there: a walk down the wharf, exploring the old port, dinner at Gilbert's Chowder house, and watching the sunset from the pier. Now that's coming home!


KT said…
Funny that you're from Portland, Maine and I'm from Portland, Oregon and we met at college and we were BOTH pratically the most awesome people at BYU, not to mention natural dancers.
Juliann said…
Mmmmm, looks good. Maybe one day we'll get to Maine (it looks beautiful!) and when we do we'll be sure to consult your travel itinerary!
Hi--sorry about the last response, we went out of town this weekend. So jealous about the trip back to Maine, by the way. My family was just there last week as well (you probably saw them at the concert, right?), and I'm dead jealous. I'd love to show the kids where mom grew up and introduce them to all the old crazy locals. You just don't get crazies out here in Boise like you do in Maine . . . anyhoo, you can email me at And don't bother making fun of my ridiculous email address, I've had it since I was 16--that takes committment!
uh, and by "last response" I meant late response. . .
Heidi said…
Amy, I am so happy to have found you! Over the years I have often wondered how you were doing. I am glad you were able to come home for a visit. I love Maine too.
Sarah said…
Hi Amy! It was so nice to see you and to meet Jeff (for a whole second) while you were in Maine! You two are a gorgeous couple, and look so happy! Maybe next time you come back to Maine we can actually hang out and catch up! Take care!
I love Maine too! Except, I've never had so many mosquito bites in my life as I did in Maine.

And yes, we're back. I'm just the worst blogger ever and don't post when I say I will.

Dinner soon?

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