Hooray for the internet!

I just found the coolest website called www.smugopedia.com. It is all about airing those know-it-all facts that we rarely get to share for fear of sounding elitist and snooty. But finally there is a website that glorifies elitist snootiness!!!! Huzzah!!! How I love the web and the many ways it fills my needs. Honestly, I don't know what I did with out it. I owe my master's degree in part to the online journal search engines at the University of Utah. And I probably look up at least a word a day on dictionary.com. Ah, blissful free flowing knowledge... While I'm on the subject of websites, may I recommend another? Goodreads.com has already claimed half of our family and I hope that more will succumb to it's siren song post haste. It's a great place to catalog all the books you've read and keep track of ones you want to read, and get recommendations from people you know.

Well, I suppose I've sung the praises of the internet long enough...Go Forth and Google!

- Amy


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