Luxembourg, take two

We are back in Luxembourg for a month as we continue our spree of changing our accommodations at least every 3 weeks and at most every 2 months.  HOWEVER, the end is in sight!  We are looking at apartments in Thionville, France and plan to move there next month and not move again for at least a year and a half!  Wheeeee!  I am unbelievable excited about this.  I know I probably say this to everyone I meet, but did you know we have moved 7 times in the last 18 months? Next month's move will make eight.  Sweet fancy Moses on a cracker.  I am happy to be back in Europe, and be in a lesser form of limbo than we were in while staying with family in Utah, but oh, I miss those beautiful loving faces and those blue skies.  We have seen the sun once since we arrived almost two weeks ago.  Luxembourg and I had a rough time of it when we were here last year, things are better this time around.  We are staying in a great part of town and I know my way around, which helps a lot.  I don't see this city and I every being best friends, though, more like those friends that you hang out because they are close to the friends you really care about (ahem, Paris).  To be fair to Luxembourg, it is February after all.  February, the frozen, hairy arm-pit of the year.  Every year I feel like I barely make it through that dark cold awful month.  To comfort myself I play the ukulele every night when the kids are asleep.  I haven't gotten any better, but I like it anyway.  Ok, to rescue this post, I'll do what I always do and post some new music I've discovered lately or songs that have come back into my life:


 this next one's a little cheesy, but I love it all the same. I think about the lines from this song all the time as I try not to screw up this whole parenting gig.

 No. I'm not pregnant, this Mama is content with two.

I promise I'll have pictures next time I post.  See you in the much better month of March.


Pam Baumeister said…
I miss your blogs, Amy! and I love all those songs you posted, too. Please...if you have time, blog again!

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