Singa, singa, Singapore!

We're here.  We survived the ridiculously long plane ride and the even more ridiculously long time it took to adjust our bodies to the new time zone.  We've officially been here a week and things are going pretty well.  I definitely have moments of sadness when I think about my friends and family so very far away, but I suppose that is normal.  We are starting to meet people and find new things to do and see and that helps us look somewhere else besides the space in our hearts where loved ones dwell.  Since I haven't been bringing my bigger camera on some of these excursions, some of these pictures will be cell phone pics or stuff I pulled from the internet.  Sorry folks. 

But first, let me start with this song that I heard yesterday in the Singapore Zoo gift shop.  The acoustic version of "Gangnam Style" turning this goofy pop song into a really beautiful ballad.  Check it out:

Ok, in order to just get something out there, I'm just going to post this.  But, pictures are forthcoming!


elizaf said…
I'm so glad you are continuing your blog! Miss you all and we'll glad you arrived safely! How did Beck do with all of his "plane presents"?
Pam Baumeister said…
Love the song...and I miss you!

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