19 Days to go...

I am going to blog more.  I promised myself.  We have just 19 days until we move halfway across the world (Singapore IS on the other side of the planet, so I am not exaggerating).  I am REALLY excited to exchange the biting cold of Boston for the heat and sunshine (and probably lots of rain) of Singapore.  I am less excited about the flight with two small children and the fact that none of my friends are coming with me.  Since it has been a long time since I've blogged, I will not regale you with story after story, but I'll shorten my updates to list form.  You're welcome.

1. After a two month hiatus/forced rest period imposed by my physical therapist I was finally given the go ahead to start running a little bit last week.  Holy crap.  It's like snorting crushed up rainbows.  Even in 24 degree weather.  Even if I can only run for 3-4 minute bouts and then take a walking break (again, physical therapist recommended).  Running, I've missed you SOOOOOOO much.

2. Everyone asks me if getting rid of all of our stuff in preparation for our big move is freeing.  My answer is: not yet.  Right now it feels like taking a really big, sticky, band aid off very slowly.  It hurts to sell the things that you love (especially music related).  But I think once everything is gone, it will indeed be liberating. 

3. Tenacious D is sleeping through the night again.  Its all pixie dust and double rainbows, people.  Seriously.  Getting a full night's sleep makes me want to shout: "HOT DAMN AND HALLELUJAH!"

4. I'm feeling 200% better than I was during my last trimester when I felt like wearing all black make-up, sitting in the corner and writing poems about a world without sunshine.  But seriously, I think I had some pre and postpartum depression.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

  5. Though we may encounter a relapse, I believe Bean is now fully potty trained. Words cannot express how happy I am. Tenacious D is going to be in diapers until he is 5.

6.Our landlord finally left. Yes our landlord was living with us, not for 10 days as he had originally said, but for 7 weeks.  Ask me about it some time.  It was not my favorite.

  7. Baby D is now crawling and pulling himself up on things and continues to be completely adorable and hilarious.

8. Bean is learning and growing and surprising us every day. He is learning his letters and loves to go to his gymnastics class. He wants to have friends over every day.

I just realized I haven't posted pictures in forever, so I promise that my next blog post will be just pictures.  Here are a few from Halloween (that was a story in itself - whoo-eee!). 



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