Music I've been thinking of lately

Here are some songs that have been running through my head lately.

I think this is one of those songs that the human race just needed to hear.  Thanks, Bill.

So many things about this video are awesome; Mendes' pilgrim beard (Brigham would be proud), the intro by Eartha Kitt, the singers who can't help but samba while singing, the dude with the shaker who is OWNING IT.  Happy sigh.

This is for my student to whom I suggested to doing this song.

 And just because I say this to Beck nearly every day, and think of the song:

Have a great day everyone.


Semi said…
Hello. You were the “Next Blog” -- happy I stumbled across you. I like everything about your blog, including this music. Thank you for sharing. :-)

(Btw, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – good names, though I don’t think it will matter much to the penguins.)

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