New month, new home

We are officially in our last residence that we will have on this side of the world before we head off to Singapore.  As our babysitter put it today: "your new place is a lot nicer than your old one".  Yes. yes it is.  Since we were down to living with folding card table and chairs and sleeping on air mattresses for the last two weeks (we sold all our furniture in preparation to moving into this furnished place) the difference has been stark.  The day after we moved in we had to drop off something at our old apartment and Bean cried because he wanted to go to his "new house".  Evidently there was no love lost there.
So here are some of the last pics we took at the old place.  Bean looks like he's 16 or something.  Sheesh.

Tenacious D has the sweetest smile, it kills me, and those cheeks?  Fuhgetaboudit.  Seriously.  Smoochable.


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