I'm back! With news!

It's been a while since I've foraged into the blogosphere.  Turns out, having two children makes you twice as busy.  Who knew?   Sometimes, while I am finding a new thing for my happy squirrel/toddler and my sweet yet screechy baby to do I dream about the days I would sit at this computer and spin out something witty and entertaining.  Sorry, blogosphere, my sense of humor and my wit are strictly reserved for keeping me from going completely nuts.  You aren't getting any.

Tangent over.

So, we are moving to Singapore!  Jeff got into INSEAD (the top international business school, no big deal...) and we will be moving to Singapore so he can start his schooling in January of next year.  We are excited to say the least, but there is SO much to do before we can board that plane, click on our seat belts, and pray that the next 24 hours with two children in a plane doesn't cause permanent damage to our marriage or family relationships.


First off, let me tell you that even though he looks like he has a receding hairline, I still think this little baby is A-dorable.  Those cheeks are so smooshy, I can hardly stand it.

Last month, we went up to Maine, rented a cabin and hung out with my brother and sister and their families.  It was so much fun, there was lots of swimming, and lounging and leaping into the water from high places.  At the end of the weekend we blessed Tenacious D at a dear friends house.  Good times were had.


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